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my hobbies
"My Hobbies"

Once, I thought that I wanted to be good in everything. Idreamt of knowing all sports and being smart in all activities of my life. However, soon after I realized that I had weaknesses and lack of self deviance toward laziness, the reality was contradictory to my dreams. Because I am thin, I could not and decided not to lift weight, box and anything that requires high physical demands. For my dreams that will not give me much trouble and made me feel comfortable, I keep them.

For some time, I had been doing those activities out of my intentions and conciousness toward any goals. I was a child then that I thought of those activities just to spend my free times and have fun. Then I realized there are more than just those. Now, the more I know how my hobbies work, the more benefit I can gain from them. My hobbies do not function only as my activities in my free times, but also as an important key to characteristic maturing and career preparation.


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