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my hobbies


B asketball is the sport that I know best. I play it more often than other sports. Furthermore, If I count how many skills that I know in a sport, I know more on Basketball.

In the history of Rundi's sports, basketball has been the latest sport that I know and learn. Basketball had brought me a valuable experience. From being supporters of popular friends playing basketball, later, I was one of them. Then, I began to be known by friends and students. Back at high school, basketball was an icon of socialization. If students knew how to play basketball, they had a good social status. Friends and people would bound to know them more because they were one of the centers of school's society.

All those socializations started when I watched an instructional cassette. It starred Irving Magic Johnson. The first thing I learned from him and the cassette was how to shot a basketball. Before watching this cassette, I was trying my own ways to shoot a ball properly and none of them worked. I meant I could not shoot the ball and scored a 2-point. From Magic's teaching, I advanced to hook and lay up that Magic has been known with. Then, quick dribbling, pivoting became my weapon. When representing my class in classes' competition, I always did a 3 points shot. With the team work, our class was in 2nd place. Our 10th grade class' status rised automatically.

Now, I will not feel inferior if somebody plays basketball but challenged. In basketball, I will always remember that it is just a game, and I don't play it to the full extent.

Fixing things

T ime is often an important matter to me. If I waste it, I won't get anything, and I want something. On my holidays, sometimes, I don't have anything to do in one whole week. I just felt hopeless and lost by watching tv and sitting on the couch all day only. Once, after a holiday and lots of watching TV, my brain did not function very well at the first day of school.

It's a nightmare when it happened. So, I have to avoid it. Fixing things is the right shield. Once, after walking around the house to refresh my eyes after watching TV, I realized I had to do something with the house. When I opened a door to a kitchen, the knob was untight. Then, when I wanted to get cookies at the kitchen self, I noticed that my mother's silver wares were oxidized heavily. Furthermore, the bases of self's drawers were beginning to unhold the fills. Insticts to make them be better arised. Quickly, I grabbed my father's tools to fix them. My mother thanked me for the great Job.

Soon after that, I tried to find broken things that could be fixed. The results were amazing. Almost all equipments were usable, and I did not see mechanics coming to my house very often.

Since then, my parents and brothers have consulted me whether to fix things by the mechanics or myself. The mechanics' services are expensive. If I can fix them, they don't have to pay the repairments.

From my experiences, I have done many things. I cleaned a video head. I changed bulbs. I fixed my mother's blender. I fixed my own speakers. One of the biggest job was to restore a computer that almost lost its system and the d: drive that almost dissapear in the menu. I also like to fix my room's management. Sometimes, the bed faces the window, or the big clothes' drawer stands in one side of a wall than to another. I fixed more than just those that were mentioned. All fixings were meant to ameliorate my appreciation toward objects or to help them survive.

Since I have been fixing things, my demand on TV has reduced greatly. ALHAMDULILLAH!

to be continued..

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