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The Chips was my first inspiration to ride something. Their serial movies excited me with their fast moving motorcycles and sunglasses. The most exciting moment was when two guys, Poncho and another guy, speeded up their bikes with unique sirenes to catch the bad guy. As the bad guys ran away, the Chips tried hard to chase them although they had to pass the heavy traffics. I did not know what happen, but my parents seemed to know my feeling that they gave me a tricycle for me and my brother as a present. However, you should know that I was fanatic to the Chips, and I was the dominant user.

Then I was a traffic cop all the times but only as a game which I felt real. Everyday, after breakfast, I played cop and burglar with my brothers as the burglars. I wanted to be the good guy. Here's how we played it. I counted to 100 and let them hide. Afterward, Like the Chips, I put my Mickey Mouse Sunglasses, pocketed in a whistle that I made a sirene from it and hoped to the tricycle to chase the burglar. I rode it very fast that I had to balance extreemely when I made a turn. Then I rode and rode until I found the burglar. Once I saw one of my brothers, I blew the whistle hard. My brother ran away, and I continued chasing until I got him and cuffed him with my plastic handcuff. Afterthat I let him go, and we played from the beginning.

It was a nice experience. I hope that I can still do it right now, but I can't ride my tricyle anymore because it was for a four feet person and shorter. I could remember that the tricyle was valuable and made me happy and unbored because I did not stay at kindergarden long but at home. Riding the tricycle was the main thing I did. All the past that I can remember now about the tricylce that it was red, the grip was rubber and black, and helped me to start to know the world of bicycle.

I forgot what happenned to my tricycle but on my first grade, my parents bought my brothers and me a white BMX bicycle with two small additional wheels that were adjoined to the back wheel . Actually we would also have an adult bike, but it was stolen when we moved into a new neighborhood. For the first impression, I thought the BMX was a bicycle that had two big wheels and was higher that my tricycle. So, I rode it with pride around my new neighborhood. However, after I got home, I felt sad because I saw a lot of other kids that did not use two small additional wheels at the back. Later, my friends told me that I was not good with bicycle unless if I rode it without those small additional wheels. OK! Then I got it.

I took off the two small additional wheels so I could impressed my friends that I was good. Guess what happenned? As I began to ride in front of them, I fell because I had no balance. Then I tried and tried, and I fell and fell. Maybe because of the cut or not, but when I got home, I cried. The next day, I tried it again and I did it. It was a miracle. What happenned? In that morning, both of my big tires inflated totally. So, When I rode it, I could control my bike totally. I did not notice that reason at the first time. I felt very proud and my friend did not laugh at me much. Since then, I tried to balance my bike step by step. First, I rode on the bike with the tires that were totally inflated. Then, I pumped in a bit of air and mastered the balance . I tried to ride in this way until the tires were totally filled, and I could managed the bike well. Finally, on the last step, I rode my bicycle faster than before around the neighborhood and showed my skill off in front of my friends. They were very happy for me.

However, one of my friend said that he would feel very happy if I could ride the adult bicycle. How would I feel? I was a little bit doubtful on my capability at first. Then, I took the challenge. I thought that I was going to ride that bicycle anytime soon. So, at his house, he handed his rusty and old grey adult bicycle. I got on the saddle with my legs almost reaching the paddles. Because the bike was tall and riding it was my first time, I had my friend help me to get on the sadde and hold the bike before moving. On the count of three, they let me go and off I started toward a medium cliff. I stirred to the right slowly and tried hard to paddle a full circle. Then, my friends told me to go to the crowds who were standing on side of the street watching a soccer match. From cheering the soocer match, they turned to cheer me up. I did not even care to hear the crowd's cheers but to control my bike because if I fell , I would feel strange and embarassed. My friend told me that I was cheered heavily. At last, I arrived at that naughty friend of mine. There, the friends and him saluted me for the trial. I went home happy and told everybody.

Then, after I knew well to ride a bicycle, I tried to explore places around and outside my neighborhood. However, I found troubles. Since there was only one bike and I had two brothers who wanted to use the bike, I could not use the bike freely and often. I felt bad whenever I wanted to go out with the bike,it was not in the garage. Because I knew that my brothers were still learning, I guessed that the user of the bike was not far away. Since my neighborhood was not large, I searched for the bike. Thanks to my childliness which I did not like later, I grabbed the bike with force and left my brother crying or mad. This situation happened for a long time and kept existing as long as my friends were using their bicycle. Because of this problem, my parents were angry at me and started to make a schedule which I had to obey. Otherwise, they would not let me use or ride a bike. Out of this situation, my parents bought an adult bike which was not better that the stolen one.

I understood I was wrong. I gave in with my brothers to use the bike. Sometimes I even help my brother. I learned that using bike was for fun but not hurting people. Learning bike was to help myself be better and not the other way. I even experienced more excitement and enjoyment. Since I could not used my bike everyday, I tried to borrow my friends for a moment. Unlike me, they let me use the bikes. Then, I knew which bike was good and bad because my bike were worse than others in breaks and shifts. I learned something.

to be continued..

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