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Howa ya! I am Rundi. What's yours? OK : ), nice to meet you. As you can see, I am Indonesian and was born there around '79 (If you don't know Indonesia check the Indonesian section). I lived for more than ten years in many of its places. Now, alhamdulillah, God has given me the chance to live in New York and go to one of US colleges.

Now, I am a sophomore in Marketing major. This major can help myself psychologically and my country economically. You know what, I have been kind of closed from the public, but I don't like being shy. Overcoming that problem sublimaticly (overcoming stress by facing its cause directly) has been effective. So, I will be a kind of sales man that will interact with a lot of people. As for my country, It has a great natural source, but it will be a waste if nobody wants to sell it.

In Summer or late Spring, I like to play Basketball. So far, I can shoot 3 points, lay up, hook, and many more. Thanks to this sport, I can gain height so tall that I don't belong to short people anymore in my country. Averagely, Indonesians are 5'5, but I am 5'9. What I still have to do now is to have an ideal weight. Among many people, I am thin.

I keep this page short. There is more about me in the main section.

See ya there!