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"If you know something, you are valuable." That philosophy has been one of my motivations to get education. People will respect a wise guy, and I like to be respected like all normal people do. However, I always remember that I must respect people, too.

My educational history has started since I was borned. Although I did not say that as I got out from my mother's womb, my mother said that I had been getting education since I was one day old. My mother educated me how to eat, crawl, speak, walk and wear my own clothes.

However, academically, I began my education at 5. I got into kindergarden. It was fun at the beginning. Teachers played with students and me and treated us to new things. One day, a famous beverage company came to our school. Our teachers gathered us in the aula to receive free and hot chocholate drink. What amazed me was how they served the drinks quickly. While filling one glass, the waitress hold another glass on the other hand. Then, she switch filling to that hand with the empty glass quickly without spilling.

Then, I continued to my first grade at 6 in Adabiyah P.S. Remember the tricycle's experience? I didn't spend much time on kindergarden. my brother ,who was two grades ahead, went to the same school. We had been in same schools until he graduated high school in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia. My brothers and me had been mutated to many schools because our parents moved often. As far as I know, I had been to seven schools.

I remembered how my friends praised my drawings, and how I experienced my big cut on my head. Because I always put my drawing book on the table, my friends opened it. They said that my drawing on the two yellow cats which I cut from a magazine, was interesting. Furthermore, They knew me because I drew t Voltus, the Robot well. My oldest brother, Iwan, thaught me to draw Voltus so we could compete to draw the best Voltus among brothers. In that school, I had my first bleeding on the head. As the break started and then I ran quickly to the cafeteria, I colided with the base of a hard stair. I didn't know what happen quickly afterward, but I felt a little bit pain. As I hold the pain at my head, I looked for my brother. My brother was suprised when he saw my hand and head with blood flowing down my forehead and elbow. Quickly after he told one of the teachers, I was brought to a hospital. Luckily I cured.
I continued half of my first grade's year in a Mangarai P.S. in Jakarta because my parents were transfered to Jakarta. I stayed there until I graduated to second grade. At this school, my classmates will remember a boy who pee in the class. I suppose that they have forgotten that and no further explanation is needed.
My second grade was still in Jakarta, Indonesia but in YAPENKA in Cilandak. I learned many things but majorly in how to be in the crowd. We all know how kids react if they like what they see in TVs. They will behave as their idols. For me, I acted as Holyfield in my class. With other friends, we boxed during breaks without gloves. Unfortunately, this boxing did not last long. I stopped boxing career after my nose got hit hard. Once again, I did not feel great pain but strange because blood flew down on my chin for the first time. Other events also happenned, but I prefered this one best. I stayed in this school until first quarter of fourth grade. At this school, I had never been ranked above 20. The other quarters were spent in a P.S. 15 in Depok. In here, I was often ranked at 3rd. I did not know why.

Then, I found new meaning in the word "World" in the following years as I set up my feet for the first time in a foreign country, Singapore. Although I entered an Indonesian school there, i couldn't get along with my friends. They could speak a language that I had never known and learnt before. They spoke ENGLISH. Here, I looked like an earthling inside the Mars community. I was a quiet person until 7th grade when I knew more English. I had been learning very hard by watching a lot of Walt Disney's Cartoons and going to ATT english institution. Although I found Singapore was amazing with its subway, tall building, elevators, and TV stations, I still could not cope with my education when I returned back to Indonesia.

The top of my life's wheel was then turned and be at the bottom. It stayed there for a moment. At the bottom, I felt that I could not go nowhere. Although I studied hard to fix Ds and Fs, They did not leave me. Moreover, Friends, or I should called them classmates, were tough on me. The wheel must roll I fought, and it did. After months of embarrasment, I managed to get average final scores and my friends' respect. I showed them that I could be as smart as they did.

I moved on to 10 th grade in SHS 4 in Denpasar. I did not regret of entering this tough school because my love to Math came to life again after that embarrasing 9th grade's experience. All thanked to Allah, Pak Mendung and Ms. Sulistyawati. My interest in Math made me choose a Science Major later in 12th grade.

Unfortunately, I was not a senior in this school. I had to move to Jakarta with my parents. Fortunately, I could transfer into a good school, SHS 34 Pondok Labu. What the heck! As long as I can study in a good school, My education can be breeded well. When you enter a bad school in Jakarta, your concentration will be largely on schools fight. Students from other schools often brought stones or things to throw at other students after school. Sometimes, the fight ended with deaths of students who did not even want to join. "What can you remember from your SHS experience in Jakarta, Run?" If somebody ask me that, I will tell them about a friend whose name is Sue, an influencial teacher name Pak Ali, and a scary subject that was called Physics. With them and other factors, I graduated with something, and I have kept in mind those something very well. Ok! Here it is. I will never going to be somebody until I know something very well. In order to do that, I must continue my education to college. However, how high your knowledge is, it will be worthless without a sense of morality and believe on your creator, God. So, I will increase my believe in Islam and my din.

to be continued..

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